The Sea Hag’s Octopus

The Sea Hag’s Octopus

October 2, 2018 user 0

I’d dabbled with polymer clay over the years here and there. Mainly I remember making a few Alice in Wonderland figurines but they were made with the original Sculpey, which wasn’t hard enough to hold up well. This year I got serious about finding creative uses for it and making sure I used the appropriate hardness.

Earlier this year I made a couple of dolls that incorporated facial features using PREMO! polymer clay. You can see them on my etsy shop: Laughin’ Puffin Crafts the Bunkum Hillbunny (just the mouth) and Hamlet Raccoon (mouth and eyes). These turned out really well, so I went on to try bigger projects.

Lemme tell ya, using polymer clay bought piecemeal at local craft stores is not the cheap way to make a clay sculpture, but this is what I did first time out. I’m still working on the Sea Hag but her octopus is finished:

CJ Sellers' Octopus sculpture


close-up of CJ Sellers' Octopus sculpture view of CJ Sellers' Octopus sculpture from overhead