SnoValley Carbon Sink

SnoValley Carbon Sink is a stewardship volunteer program organized by C.J. Sellers, based in the Snoqualmie Valley area, Washington. Started mid-summer 2020 by C.J.Sellers, powered by volunteers concerned about the forest fires that have ravaged forest land in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s how it works: many people have seeds or saplings that are on their property that they don’t intend to allow to flourish for various practical reasons. Contact C.J. and we come get the baby trees, seeds, and saplings and hold them until an appropriate forever home is found. Many people have property that could use a few or many trees. We will come and plant them for free if you agree to tend them and allow them to flourish to replenish our regional carbon sink.

Thanks so much, everyone who participates. We appreciate you.

Contact C.J. Sellers to become involved.

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